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INDOGEOTECH DARMA SOLUSI | Total station & Digital Theodolit, GPS Garmin, Waterpass, GPS Tracking, GPS Geodetik, GPS Pemetaan, Alat Survey, Alat Geologi, Radio Komunikasi, Alat Telekomunikasi

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INDOGEOTECH DARMA SOLUSI | Total station & Digital Theodolit,  GPS Garmin,  Waterpass,  GPS Tracking,  GPS Geodetik,  GPS Pemetaan,  Alat Survey,  Alat Geologi,  Radio Komunikasi,  Alat Telekomunikasi
INDOGEOTECH DARMA SOLUSI | Total station & Digital Theodolit, GPS Garmin, Waterpass, GPS Tracking, GPS Geodetik, GPS Pemetaan, Alat Survey, Alat Geologi, Radio Komunikasi, Alat Telekomunikasi
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Name:Mr. Dadan Darmawan [Marketing]
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Address:Jl.H. Merin No. 1B, Meruya Selatan -Kembangan
JAKARTA BARAT 11650, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Nov. 01, 2006
Last Updated:Feb. 05, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Consumer Electronics category

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Company Brief

You need to survey and GPS equipment with cheaper price? Total station, theodolite And goods delivered free. COD payment ( Cash)

PT. INDOGEOTECH is a business engaged in the field of GPS technology ( Global Positioning System) dan Surveying Instruments ( Alat Survey) with a variety of tools such as: GPS, Total Station, Digital Theodolite, Automatic Level / Waterpass, Kompas, Altimeter, Clinometer, Distometer, and tools Geology, Digital instruments, digital equipment, anemometer.

INDOGEOTECH specifically provides various types such as GPS: GPS Navigation & Military, GPS & Mapping Geodetik, and GPS Tracking. Experience with Human Resources and a reliable, INDOGEOTECH give the right to pelayaan, INDOGEOTECH also developed a Training Services business unit / GPS applications and Training Survey.

Footing from the experience we are committed to providing the best solution in the implementation of products and service to all the partners that can provide great benefits in improving the quality and ability to run a business and businesses.

Grow in harmony, and you a trusty in the innovation, distribution, and localization of spare parts both in the treatment program the GPS and Surveying Instruments. And support at the time of delivery is good and fast, and provides the quality and the best solution to any professional business partners.

Become partners an efficient and effective, and continue to develop services that improve the quality of the prime so that customer satisfaction is reached. To achieve the vision, determination and mission management team and all INDOGEOTECH always try to do pembenahan, renewal and learning on knowledge and technology, GPS Surveying, ranging from infrastructure, services and human resources. In order to become a trusted partner in the company' s scale of regional, national and international.

Products we provide:

2. Geodetic GPS: Trimble, Leica, Spectra, SOUTH
3. TOTAL STATION: Sokkia, NIKON, Topcon, Horizon, SOUTH
4. Digital Theodolite: Sokkia, NIKON, Topcon, Horizon, SOUTH
5. Automatic LEVEL / WATERPASS: Sokkia, NIKON, Topcon, Horizon, SOUTH
6. KOMPAS: Suunto, Brunton, Silva
7. Altimeter: Suunto, Silva
8. CLINOMETER: Suunto, Silva
9. Distometer: Leica
10. GEOLOGICAL TOOLS: Estwing, Brunton, ROUPER
11. Radio Communication : Motorola, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco, HYT, Kenwood
12. Telepon Satelit : Byru R190, Byru Marine FR190, PASTI, PSN, Aces
13. Anemometer : Lutron

Training & Workshop

Providing solutions for education menerapan Surveying and GPS technology in the community, because the ability of both the human resources will be the spearhead in the framework of the program and the implementation of every product and solution that will apply in the field. Patterns in the training provided consists of in-house training, workshops and seminars. So that the service will contribute significantly in improving the human resources to be able to compete in the utilization of technology and GPS Surveying Instruments


RESELLER INDOGEOTECH serve for individuals and companies! competitive price for our property and is the market demand is the key.

The selling price we compete & SEND FREE COST ( VE) , guaranteed!

Contact us at: 021-68975877 or SMS 081399084033

Bank transfer or COD ( Cash on Delivery)

We accept payments only with the rupiah can be done by bank transfer or pay in place of ( VE) .
Bank Transfer

Payment can be made with standard Bank Transfer, ATM or Internet Banking. As follows:

Payment for the Tender / Project:

Branch Bank MANDIRI KCP Ciledug
Account No. 155-00-0102236-0

Payments for regular transactions:

Branch Bank BCA KCP Pondok Lestari
Account No. 345 180 2249
An. Dadan Darmawan

Goods will be sent after we receive the transfer. If you want goods sent immediately without waiting for the bank transfer, please fax your proof of transfer to 021 - 58906832 or email to gps@ indogeotech.com can be assisted to accelerate the process of delivery of goods.
Pay at ( COD)

Specific areas to Jakarta, we also serve a purchase Cash On Delivery. Goods you receive, the new paid.

HEAD OFFICE: ( Jakarta)
Jl. H. Merin No.1B, South Meruya
Kembangan, Jakarta Barat 11650
Phone ( 021) 58906142 Fax. ( 021) 58906832

Major Products / Services
  • Daftar Produk INDOGEOTECH
    "Bursa Paket Hemat GPS Murah"
    "Sedia stok GPS semua tipe, Navigasi, Survey, dan Geodetik"
    "Dealer GARMIN GPS Indonesia"

    Anda perlu peralatan survey dan GPS dengan harga termurah ?. Dan barang diantar gratis. Pembayaran CoD (Cash)

    INDOGEOTECH JUAL GPS & Survey Instrument dengan harga MURAH dan BERGARANSI / / melayani Reseller dan Retailer. GARMIN GPS (Navigation, handheld, mobile, marine, aviation), GPS Mapping, GPS geodetic.

    Kami-pun jual berbagai Alat Survey/ Survey Instrument, seperti : Total Station, Digital Theodolite, Automatic Level / waterpass, distometer, Binoculars, Kompas, Clinometer, Altimeter, Suunto Tandem dan Alat-alat Geologi.

    Produk Survey Instrument dan tool/ alat geologi yang kami jual telah ditunjang dengan berbagai merk yang sudah terkenal dan telah diakui keberadaanya didunia survey seperti : Nikon, Sokkia, Topcon, South, Horizon, Bushnell, Brunton, Suunto, Leica, Estwing, Trimble, Magelan dan Thales.

    Trimble Juno ST, Trimble GeoXT, Trimble GeoXH, GeoXM, Thales promark 3, GPS Thales mobile mapper. GPS Triton 200, GPS Triton 300, GPS Triton 400, GPS triton 500, GPS Triton 1500, GPS Triton 2000

    Jual GPS Geodetik (geodetic) :
    South GPS star S82, GPS South 9600, Spectra EPOCH 10 L1 GPS system, Trimble GPS 5700, Trimble R8-GNSS.

    Jual Total Station :
    Total Station Nikon dtm-352 , Total Station Nikon dtm-362, Total Station Nikon dtm-532, Total Station Nikon dtm-632, Total Station Nikon dtm-652, Total Station Sokkia set-310, Total Station Sokkia set-510, Total Station set-610, Total Station Topcon gts 233n, Total Station Topcon gts 235n, Total Station Topcon gts 236n, Total Station Topcon gts 239, Total Station Horizon hts 352, Total Station Horizon 355, Total Station South.

    Jual Digital Theodolite :
    Digital Theodolite Nikon ne 100, Digital Theodolite Nikon ne 101, Digital Theodolite Nikon ne 102, Digital Theodolite Nikon ne 103, Digital Theodolite Sokkia dt 210, Digital Theodolite Sokkia dt 510, Digital Theodolite Sokkia dt 610, Digital Theodolite Topcon dt 202l, Digital Theodolite Topcon dt 205l, Digital Theodolite Topcon dt 207l, Digital Theodolite Topcon dt 209l, Digital Theodolite Horizon et 1002, Digital Theodolite Horizon et 1005, Digital Theodolite South et 02.

    Jual Automatic level/ Waterpass :
    Automatic level/ Waterpass Nikon ac-2s, Automatic level/ Waterpass Nikon ax-2s, Automatic level/ Waterpass Nikon as-2c, Automatic level/ Waterpass Nikon ap-8, Automatic level/ Waterpass Nikon ap-7, Automatic level/ Waterpass Sokkia b1c, Automatic level/ Waterpass Sokkia b20, Automatic level/ Waterpass Sokkia b21, Automatic level/ Waterpass Sokkia c320, Automatic level/ Waterpass Sokkia c330, Automatic level/ Waterpass Topcon atg 1, Automatic level/ Waterpass Topcon atg 3, Automatic level/ Waterpass Topcon atg 4, Automatic level/ Waterpass Topcon atg 6, Automatic level/ Waterpass Horizon 2028, Automatic level/ Waterpass Horizon 3032, Automatic level/ Waterpass Horizon 4032.

    Lainnya : Distometer Leica a3, Distometer Leica a5, Distometer Leica a6, Distometer Leica a8, Estwing E322p (palu geologi runcing), Estwing e320blc (palu geologi pipih), Suunto compass kb-14, Kompas Suunto kb-20, altimeter E-203, clinometer pm-5, Suunto tandem, brunton compass 5006, Kompas Brunton 5008, Brunton Compass 5010, Binoculars/ teropong Nikon 7x50 cfwp/ with compass, Binoculars Hunter 10x60, Loupe rouper 10x20, Eart Grounding tester, Planimeter, Magnetic pen/ Scriber.

    INDOGEOTECH adalah pilihan tepat ANDA untuk informasi dan harga terbaik : GPS GARMIN, Survey Instrument, Alat Survey, GPS mapping, GPS Geodetic, Total station, Digital Theodolite, Automatic level/ waterpass, compass, distometer, clinometer, altimeter, binoculars, alat geologi dan lainnya.

    Harga jual kami bersaing & BEBAS BIAYA KIRIM (JAKARTA), dijamin !

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